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Bankroll Management

Sports betting can be one of the most lucrative investments if it is looked upon as such. The problem is that the vast majority of sports bettors are lost souls wandering aimlessly. First and foremost, before ever placing a single bet, one should survey the situation and determine a plan of action. It's much like building a house. If you just start framing the structure and add wall, floors, stairs, appliances, etc., with no regard for the foundation on which the house sits, you are surely going to come home one day to a pile of rubble. The same holds true for sports betting.

The bottom line is profit

Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to pick winners and not enough time trying to win???Say what you say? This is the pitfall of most amateurs. Sure, every one wants to pick winners. most will try anything...Stats, trends, injuries, line moves, wearing you lucky shirt...the list goes on. What good are winners if you don't know how to turn them into cash? Too many people with winning records wind up going broke because of mismanaging their bankrolls. Greed is the number one reason an amateur sports bettor goes broke.

Shop Til You Drop

No, we're not talking about getting dragged to the mall on Sunday by the wife, I'm talking about shopping lines. With the ease of access to so many reputable offshore books there is no longer any excuse to have to take the worst of it on any pointspread or money line ever again. There is nothing more painful for me than hearing a client tell me how he pushed a game he should have won or he lost a game he should have pushed.

Sports Investing

If you have what it takes to be emotionless when it comes to the outcome of games and veiw your sports betting not as gambling but as any other investment you have in your portfolio, then you will be amazed at the huge R.O.I.(return on investment) potential that a smart bettor has. Here is the breakdown of the investment...

The power of the edge

What we could never understand is how someone would want to limit the amount of games they play if they really think they have an edge in all of thier selections. They may do thier handicapping and honestly like 7 games but come to the conclusion that 7 is way too much because they read somewhere once that the more games you bet the worse your chances are to win. That has to be about the dumbest line of reasoning I've ever seen, and believe me I've seen it all. What the problem is is that their reasoning is sort of half true. Let me explain....

Our Thoughts On Free Games

Oh sure, they're a great way to get to know each other but a terrible way to make you a client. Think about it, if we do well with the free releases, then "common sense" says "why should I pay when I'm winning for free?" And if you happen to start with us when we lose a few then you run the other way and aren't around at the end of the month counting your money like the rest of us. The best advice I can give you to "remedy" the situation is to go into the site and really read through it.