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2-0 Tuesday Daily Report Including..

Top Rated (2 Unit) WINNER:

Nebraska -3 / Indiana 2.00 Units 66-57 Winner

Also Tuesday Daily Report:
Ohio State -14.5 / Rutgers 1.25 Units 79-52 Winner

20-15 L11 Days Overall Including..

Sunday: Late Service (6 UNIT) WINNER

Illinois -1 / Nebraska 6 Units 72-66 Winner

Complete Game By Game Details Here:

Monday (2/19): 1-1 (-0.86 Units) Overall Daily Report
N. Kentucky -15.5 / Y'town St. 1.25 Units 70-51 Winner
Illinois Chicago -10 / Detroit 2.00 Units 94-87 Lose

Sunday (2/18): 0-3 Overall Daily Report
UCONN -6 / E. Carolina 1.25 Unit 84-80 Lose
Cincinnati -6 / Wichita St. 1.25 Units 72-76 Lose
Purdue -9 / Penn St. 2.00 Units 76-73 Lose

Saturday (2/17): 1-3 Overall Daily Report
LSU Pk / Missouri 1.00 Unit 64-63 Winner
Indiana St. -3 / S. Illinois 1.25 Units 72-76 Lose
Iowa Pk / Indiana 1.25 Units 82-84 Lose
Louisville -1 / North Carolina 2.00 Units 76-93 Lose

Friday Night Winner

St. Bonaventure +2 / RI 1.00 Unit 77-74 Winner

Thursday Night..
Late Service (6 UNIT) WINNER!

San Francisco +9 / St. Mary's 6 Units 70-63 Winner
The Dons Beat St. Mary's OUTRIGHT As 9 Point Dogs!

Thursday Daily Report:
USC -4.5 / Oregon 2.00 Units 72-70 Lose
UCLA -6.5 / Oregon St. 1.25 Units 75-68 Winner

5-0 (+6.38 Units) Wednesday Daily Report!

Including Top Rated 2 Unit WINNER:

Phoenix +11 / Utah 2.00 Units 97-107 Winner

Also Wednesday Daily Report:
Miami +6.5 / Philadelphia 1.25 Units 102-104 Winner
Over 200.5 Miami / Philly 1.25 Units
102-104 Winner
Providence +10 / Villanova 1.25 Units 76-71 Winner
Duke -10.5 / Virginia Tech 1.25 Units 74-52 Winner

Tuesday Daily Report:
San Antonio +6 / Denver 2.00 Units 109-117 Lose
Mississippi +2.5 / Arkansas 1.25 Units 64-75 Lose

3-0 (+4.53 Units) Monday Daily Report!

Including (2) Top Rated 2 Unit WINNERS:

San Antonio +4.5 / Utah 2.00 Units 99-101 Winner
Spurs Blow 13 Point 4Q Lead.. Hang On For Cover!

West Virginia -8 / TCU 2.00 Units 82-66 Winner
WVU Pulls Away Late & Covers EASILY!!

Also Monday Daily Report:
Under 230 Phoenix / GS 1.00 Unit 83-129 Winner

Sunday Daily Report:
Boston -4.5 / Cleveland 2.00 Units 99-121 Lose
Portland -3 / Utah 1.25 Units 96-115 Lose
Georgia Tech +8 / Duke 1.25 Units 69-80 Lose

4-1 (+4.42 Units) Saturday Daily Report!

Including (2) Top Rated 2 Unit WINNERS:

Golden St. -11 / Spurs 2.00 Unit 122-105 Winner
Warriors Pull Away Late For The Easy Cover!!

Texas Tech -1 / KSU 2.00 Units 66-47 Winner
Red Raiders DESTROY K-State By 19!!

Also Saturday Daily Report:
Creighton -2 / Xavier 1.50 Units 71-72 Lose
Ohio St. -14 / Iowa 1.25 Units 82-64 Winner
Wash'ton +5.5 / Oregon St. 1.25 Units 94-97 Winner

Are You Ready For Another HUGE RUN?!

It was this time last year we went on a..
TEAR through March Madness:

90-49 (+52.49 Units) Daily Reports and..
9-3 (75%) Late Service 6 Unit releases

We've NAILED The Last (5) Super Bowls:

Super Bowl 52

Top Rated Super Bowl WINNER
Philadelphia +4.5 / NE 2.00 Units 41-33 Winner

One of the hardest things in sports betting has to be going against the Patriots! I mean let's face it, they always seem to find a way to win. And it also doesn't hurt that this is Brady's 8th SB appearance (Winning 5), so the "Awe of it all" factor heavily favors New England.

So why are we on the Eagles? ....

Besides the fact that it never hurts in a game of this magnitude to side with the team with the better defense getting points, exactly how many rabbits can be in Belichick's sweatshirt?

We fully understand that winning 5 Super Bowls puts a team in a certain class and they become the envy of all opponents, but are you paying attention to the wins?

The last two SB wins were complete shams! Embarrassments to their opponent's entire organizations.. Last years Falcons meltdown was probably the worst coached game in the HISTORY of the NFL, and the year before the SECOND worst coached game ever! Who passes the ball from the 1 yard line on 2nd down when you have Lynch in the backfield??

And the other three SB wins for the Pats? Super Bowls 36 & 38 were BOTH won by 3 points on last second field goals, and SB 39 (against the Eagles again) was another 3 point Pats win.

And then there were the Giants in Super Bowls 42 (ruining perfect season bid) & 46. How did they do it? On DEFENSE! They disrupted Brady.. sacked him SEVEN times in the two wins. The Giants threw nicely disguised blitz packages at Brady, and it worked! And remember who was at the helm of those Giants teams.. Tom Coughlin. And you saw what Jacksonville almost did two weeks ago! Until the Pats found yet ANOTHER rabbit!! You can be certain that the Eagles D has been studying plenty of film from those NYG Super Bowl wins.

Also let's not forget the "All's not quite right with the Big Three in Foxboro" .. The whole show the media put on about the Jimmy Garoppolo trade. Of course the Patriots organization denied that ANYTHING was wrong, but that's what they're supposed to do.. "We're on to Cincinnati" .. But you have to figure there's SOME truth to it!

So here we are with the Pats one Super Bowl win away from tying the Steelers with SIX, but there's a reason only one team has accomplished that... Because it's REALLY Hard to do. Not saying the Pats can't win today, we'd be fools to make that claim, just saying that the road to get themselves TO this point has been paved with some pretty unreal good fortune. Can they have everything go perfect again?? ... We shall see. But remember, even with all the fanfare, it's sill just one game, and we'll be back at it tomorrow looking to continue our latest basketball run (7-4 overall, Daily & 6 Units, this month)! -END

Super Bowl 51

And the last year, we were SPOT ON but were victims of one of the worst collapses EVER, in ANY Sport!! But all in all, we kept our loss to a minimum (-1.43 Units) because we hit our Teaser!! ...

Teaser: Atlanta +9 & Under 64 2.00 Units
Atlanta 28 New England 34 Winner

Under 58 New England / Atlanta 2.00 Units
New England 34 Atlanta 28 Lose

Atlanta +3 / New England 6:35 ET 1.25 Units
Atlanta 28 New England 34 Lose

Huge line value exists in the total here. With all the points flying around on offense with these two teams this season, many are overlooking their defenses. With two weeks to prepare for unknown opponents (these teams meet every four years , most recently in September of 2013), we feel the emphasis in preparation will be on stopping as opposed to scoring. Let's face it, both can score.. and score in a hurry! But a wide open, shootout style game leaves too much to chance and both sides have come too far this season for that.. Defense wins championships!

As for our pick on Atlanta to get in the way of destiny for the Pats, let's just say karma has a funny way of appearing. Yes, New England is an extremely well coached team with a future hall of fame signal caller, but they just don't play fair. Much controversy has surrounded the whole organization, from Spygate to Deflategate to a coach who plays by his own set of rules. We feel Atlanta is quite capable talent wise of the minor upset today, and certainly more deserving to hoist the Lombardi Trophy! -END

Super Bowl 50

Denver +5.5 / Carolina 2.00 Units
Denver 24 Carolina 10 Winner

Under 44 Denver / Carolina 1.00 Unit
Denver 24 Carolina 10 Winner

2 Team 6 Point Teaser
Denver +11.5 & Under 50 1.50 Units
Denver 24 Carolina 10 Winner

Another football season comes to an end today. We crushed the NFL playoffs this season right here in the Daily Reports going 9-0! That being said we can't emphasize enough the fact that although t is the Super Bowl, it is still just one game. There will plenty more very nice spots in the NBA & college hoops in the weeks & months to come, especially with March Madness creeping up soon. Top plays are on a fantastic 28-14 (67%) run over the last 4 weeks. That includes the Late Service 6 Unit releases as well as the 2 Unit Top Rated Daily Report releases. So for those expiring after today, look for your renewal offers later this afternoon.

Game Summary
We're siding with experience and defense over youth here in this Golden Super Bowl. We feel it will come down to Denver's "D" being able to get to Newton. Yes, the Panthers seem unstoppable, but we just can't underestimate Peyton Manning. It's not just the physical skills of the Denver QB, but also the mental skills Manning possesses. His ability to read defenses is arguably the best this game has ever seen. And let's not forget who runs the show.. Mr. Elway has seen this script before and you can bet his knowledge has been thoroughly absorbed by the Sherriff.

We're not taking anything away from Cam Newton. He is forming into a star in this league. He is one of the most animated & entertaining players to ever play the game and has the skill set to back it up. It is our opinion however that young Cam needs to learn from his adversary today the meaning of humble. Don't think it'll happen anytime soon because Cam is Cam and it is all about the show with him. Doesn't mean he can't win today, but rewards of this magnitude have a funny way of finding their way to the more deserving participant(s).

We feel this is Peyton's time. He is at the end of his career and has worked extremely hard both on the field and with his rehab the last couple of years. Sure, one could cite the beating Mr. Manning took one February 2013 evening in East Rutherford, but we look at that loss at the hands of the Seahawks in Super Bowl 48 as a learning experience.. just more data programmed into one of the greatest football minds ever.

So enjoy the game this evening and we look forward to continuing this incredible 67% Top Play Run we're on. We'll be back to work bright & early Monday morning! -END

Super Bowl 49

Over 47 New England / Seattle 1.25 Units
New England 28 Seattle 24 Winner

This is the only way for us to play the game. If you've been with us in the past, you know we're from the school of "Defense Wins Championships" and we do think Seattle straight up is the right side (under normal circumstances), but because of all the controversy surrounding the game, we just can't pull the trigger. To count out this Patriot's team after they've been put under the microscope and have been called cheaters would be irresponsible on our part. New England is going to want to make a statement, and if they go out to an early, sizable lead it will force the Seahawks to play catch up, hence more points. We also like the fact that the line is actually moving down. 47 is not that big of a number given the big play capabilities of both these teams.

Notice that we're rating this play at 1.25 Units.. an average size release for us. Enjoy the game, that's the main thing. But as for any big action, be patient as we build on our current Late Service run in the coming weeks. -END

Super Bowl 48

Seattle +2.5 / Denver  2.00 Units
Seattle 43 Denver 8 Winner

Well, here we are. Another football season about to go in the books and what a match-up we have: The league's best offense against the league's best defense, and the best defensive team is the dog!. We'll take it. If you've been with us for awhile, you know we're from the school of "good defense beats good offense"... of course that doesn't hold true every time, but we feel it will tonight in East Rutherford...

Yes, we all know Peyton Manning is the seasoned veteran and Russell Wilson is the youngster, but we strongly feel the Seahawk defense will get to Manning today. Not necessarily sacks, but an overall, constant pressure coming at him all night long. Expect Pete Carroll to throw everything and anything into the gears of this well oiled Bronco offense. And on the other hand, Russell Wilson will be able to avoid this type of danger given his mobility. Denver's defense did a great job against San Diego & New England, but look who was behind center: two statues named Rivers & Brady. And don't forget, although the Broncos defense has come a long way, their secondary can be beat, especially when you have one of the best QB's in the business at eluding would be tacklers and keeping plays alive. Although Manning connected for 55 TD passes this season, he didn't do it against defenses of the caliber he'll be facing tonight. And although Russell Wilson connected for just 27 TD passes, his mobility is invaluable.

Here's another tid bit for you which you won't read anywhere else. Realize that Peyton Manning runs the offense. He is constantly changing the play at the line as he reads the defense. That is an awful big responsibility, and in a game of this magnitude, as mentioned, you can be sure Pete Carroll is prepared and ready to do whatever it takes to disrupt the flow of Peyton's offense. There is going to be too much for Manning to handle tonight and by the time the coaching staff realizes it, it'll be too late.

And then there's the John Fox bonus... Fox has a clause in his contract which will net him a $1 million bonus for winning the Super Bowl. As if he needs added pressure. Feel this is very bad business for just that reason.

Enjoy the game tonight, but remember, it's just one game. Treat it like any other one of your wagers. There will be plenty more nice basketball situations over the next few months that will add to the big January we had. -END 

17-7-1 Top Rated (2U) NFL Last 9 Weeks!
Including.. 13-5-1 Last 7 Weeks!!

1/21: Minnesota -2.5 / Philadelphia 2.00 Units 7-38 Lose
1/14: Minnesota -5.5 / New Orleans 2.00 Units 29-24 Lose
1/13: N.Eng -13.5 / Tennessee 2.00 Units 35-14 Winner
1/6: LA Rams -5.5 / Atlanta 2.00 Units 13-26 Lose
12/31: Atlanta -3.5 / Carolina 2.00 Units 22-10 Winner
12/25: Houston +8.5 / Pittsburgh 2.00 Units 6-34 Lose
San Fran
 / Jacksonville
2.00 Units 37-19 Winner
12/18: Tampa Bay +7 / Atlanta 2.00 Units 21-24 Winner
12/17: Pittsburgh +3 (-125)  / NE 2.00 Units 24-27 PUSH
12/14: Indianapolis +3 / Denver 2.00 Units 13-25 Lose
12/11: Under 48.5 NE / Miami 2.00 Units 20-27 Winner
12/7: Arizona +3 (-125) / Tennessee 2.00 Units 12-7 Winner
12/7: Under 51.5 NO / Atlanta 2.00 Units 17-20 Winner
12/4: Cincy +4.5 / Pittsburgh 2.00 Units 20-23 Winner
12/3: NY Giants +8.5 / Oakland 2.00 Units 17-24 Winner
11/30: Dallas +2 / Washington 2.00 Units 38-14 Winner
11/27: Houston +7.5 / Baltimore 2.00 Units 16-23 Winner
/ Kansas City
 2.00 Units 16-10 Winner
11/26: LA Rams -2.5 / New Orleans
 2.00 Units 26-20 Winner
11/23: NY Giants +7 / Washington 2.00 Units 10-20 Lose
11/20: Atlanta -1 / Seattle 2.00 Units 34-31 Winner
11/19: Oakland +7 / New England 2.00 Units 8-33 Lose
11/16: Pittsburgh -7 / Tenn 2.00 Units 40-17 Winner
11/13: Carolina -8.5 / Miami 2.00 Units 45-21 Winner
11/12: Atlanta -3 (-125) / Dallas 2.00 Units 27-7 Winner

Another HUGE Bowl Season In The Books!!

16-6 (73%) Overall Bowl Season..!!

16 Bowl Wins Cover By Combined 224 POINTS!!!

1/8: Georgia +3.5 / Alabama 2 Units 23-26 Winner
1/1: Georgia -2.5 / Oklahoma 6 Units 54-48 Winner
1/1: Alabama -3 / Clemson 1.25 Units 24-6 Winner
1/1: Notre Dame +3 / LSU 1.25 Units 21-17 Winner
1/1: Michigan -9 / S. Carolina 1.50 Units 19-26 Lose
12/30: Miss St. +7 / Louisville 1.25 Units 31-27 Winner
12/30: Memphis -3.5 / Iowa St. 2 Units 20-21 Lose
12/29: Ohio St. -9.5 / USC 2.00 Units 24-7 Winner
12/29: Kentucky +8 / N'Wstrn 1.25 Units 23-24 Winner
12/28: TCU -3 (-120) / Stanford 2 Units 39-37 Lose
12/27: Texas +3 / Missouri 6 Units 33-16 Winner
12/27: Arizona -2.5 / Purdue 2 Units 35-38 Lose
12/27: Iowa -2.5 / Boston College 1.25 Units 27-20 Winner
12/26: Duke -4.5 / Northern Illinois 2 Units 36-14 Winner
12/26: UCLA +6.5 / Kansas St. 6 Units 17-35 Lose
12/24: Houston (ML) -130 / Fresno St. 2 Units 27-33 Lose
12/23: Army +6.5 / San Diego St. 1.25 Units 42-35 Winner
App'ian St. +6.5 / Toledo 2.00 Units 34-0 Winner
12/22: Ohio -6.5 / UAB 2.00 Units 41-6 Winner
12/21: Temple -6.5 / Florida Int'l 2.00 Units 28-3 Winner
12/20: Louisiana Tech +3 / SMU 2.00 Units 51-10 Winner
12/26: MTSU +3 / Arkansas St. 2.00 Units 35-30 Winner

Winning Overall Daily Report Results...
768-719-23 (+30.31U) L495D Daily Report
(+30.31On Volume Of 2303.50U: +1.3%/Volume)

View All Daily Report Results Here

Remember, streaks, BOTH Good & Bad, are FULLY EXPECTED when playing on a daily basis the amount of plays put out in the Daily Report.

Volume... The ONLY
Way To Gauge Sports Betting Results
Forget about all the carnival barkers of the industry with their star ratings and dime systems... it means nothing to hear that they're up +2,847 stars" or 1100 "dimes"... ask them (if those numbers are even truthful) how many "stars" or "dimes" they put into action to get there. Most just manipulate their  Dime/Star  Systems with absolutely NO REGARD for your bankroll. So let's get this straight... You're supposed to go TWENTY TIMES what you go on a 5 "Dimer" on a 100 "Dimer"?? Is that how it works... Nonsense!! Anyone can win on paper with an unlimited rating system... just keep firing away with bigger "Dime Plays" until you finally hit... And if  you're a $100 per dime player on the 5's & 10's and you don't go $10,000 on a 100 "Dimer", well then it's your fault that you're down.. Get real!!!

We expect to profit between 3% - 5% of all monies put into action (volume) over the long haul. We can call (rate) our games anything we want as long as the system is in line with these principals. Following our methods means taking your entire bankroll into consideration when formulating your personal plan.

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AND we expose EVERY SINGLE PLAY Released To ALL Clients... Win or Lose!! We're up over 25 Units this year and that's adhering to our 1-2 Unit rating system and recommending  a 1% bankroll risk per unit...

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If it were a perfect world, our overall yearly profits would be equally spread out over 52 weeks and everyone would make a modest profit EVERY week instead of going on big runs where we win more than we should for long periods followed up by several moderate losing weeks in a row.

Understanding The Swings
When playing on a daily basis, there are going to be times when we're winning more than we should be and times when we're losing more than we should be. This type of fluctuation is 100% expected along the way to our winning bottom line. Remember, we're putting between 40 - 60 units per week in action and with that amount of volume, there are going to be swings.

We can't control when the good runs are coming or when to expect the bad runs. We just keep putting our money in action with what we believe to be the best of it and the laws of averages work themselves out in the end. As long as we have an edge in each play we release, we can't help but to show profits in the end.