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Sunday Night.. FINALLY, A Late Service FB Loss

5-1 Late Service (6U) Football Run:

Sun: Chicago +3 / Dallas 6 Units 17-31 Lose
Sat: ASU -3.5 / California 6 Units 51-41 Winner
Friday: TCU -21.5 / SMU 6 Units 33-3 Winner
Thu: Clemson -10.5 / GT 6 Units 26-7 Winner
Sun: Minnesota +2.5 / GB 6 Units 17-14 Winner
Sat: California +7.5 / Texas 6 Units 50-43 Winner

Late Service Now Available To ALL!!
For the first time, we are making the Late Service 6 Unit releases available to EVERYONE!! In the past, we limited this service to qualified current clients ONLY. But due to Overwhelming Demand, we are opening the Late Service doors to all.. Check out the Late Service packages below..

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NFL Picking Up Where We Left Off..

10-6 (+4.10U) (3) Sunday NFL Daily Reports

Sunday, 9/25 NFL Daily Report
Miami -9.5 / Cleveland 1.25 Units 30-24 Lose
Seattle -10 / San Francisco 2.00 Units 37-18 Winner
Over 41 LA Rams / Tampa Bay 1.25 Units 37-32 Winner
Pittsburgh -4 / Philadelphia 2.00 Units 3-34 Lose
NY Jets +3 / Kansas City 1.25 Units 3-24 Lose

Sunday, 9/18 NFL Daily Report
Washington -3 (-120) / Dallas 2.00 Units 23-27 Lose
Under 49 Tampa Bay / Arizona 1.25 Units 7-40 Winner
LA Rams +5.5 / Seattle 1.50 Units 9-3 Winner
Atlanta +4.5 / Oakland 2.00 Units 35-28 Winner
Over 42 Green Bay / Minnesota 2.00 Units 14-17 Lose

Sunday, 9/11 NFL Daily Report
Tampa Bay +2.5 / Atlanta 1.25 Units 31-24 Winner
NY Jets +1.5 / Cincinnati
1.00 Units 22-23 Winner
San Diego +6.5 / KC
2.00 Units 27-33 Winner
Chicago +5 / Houston 2.00 Units 14-23 Lose
Detroit +3 / Indianapolis 1.25 Units 37-35 Winner
Under 44.5 New Eng / AZ 2.00 Units 23-21 Winner

2016 NFL Playoffs PERFECTION!!
12-0 NFL Playoff Daily Report SWEEP!!

Sunday (2/7): 3-0 (+4.10 U) Super Bowl Report

Denver +5.5 / Carolina 2.00 Units 24-10 Winner
Under 44 Denver / Carolina 1.00 Unit
24-10 Winner
Teaser: Denver +11.5 & Under 50 1.50 Units 24-10 Winner

Sunday (1/24): 2-0 (+3.64 U) NFL Daily Report

Denver +3 / New England 2.00 Units 20-18 Winner
Carolina -3 / Arizona 2.00 Units
49-15 Winner

Sunday (1/17): 2-0 (+3.64 U) NFL Daily Report

Carolina -2 (-120) / Seattle 2.00 Units 31-24 Winner
Pittsburgh +7.5 (-115) / Denver
2.00 Units 16-23 Winner

Saturday (1/16): 2-0 (+3.64 U) NFL Daily Report

New England -5 / Kansas City 2.00 Units 27-20 Winner
Under 50 Green Bay / Arizona 2.00 Units 20-26 Winner

Sunday (1/10): 2-0 (+3.19 U) NFL Daily Report

Minnesota +4.5 / Seattle 1.50 Units 9-10 Winner
Green Bay +1 / Washington
2.00 Units 35-18 Winner

Saturday (1/9): 1-0 (+1.14 Units) NFL Daily Report

Kansas City -3 / Houston 1.25 Units 30-0 Winner

Overall Daily Last 4 Weeks...

56-59-5 (-5.45U) L30 Days Daily Reports
(-5.45 Units On Volume Of 176.00)

Despite a Horrible last 6 day run, Daily Reports are only down a couple units over the last 4 Weeks. Check out ALL results..

View All Daily Report Results Here

Remember, streaks, BOTH Good & Bad, are FULLY EXPECTED when playing on a daily basis the amount of plays put out in the Daily Report.

Volume... The ONLY Way To Gauge Sports Betting Results
Forget about all the carnival barkers of the industry with their star ratings and dime systems... it means nothing to hear that they're up +2,847 stars" or 1100 "dimes"... ask them (if those numbers are even truthful) how many "stars" or "dimes" they put into action to get there. Most just manipulate their  Dime/Star  Systems with absolutely NO REGARD for your bankroll. So let's get this straight... You're supposed to go TWENTY TIMES what you go on a 5 "Dimer" on a 100 "Dimer"?? Is that how it works... Nonsense!! Anyone can win on paper with an unlimited rating system... just keep firing away with bigger "Dime Plays" until you finally hit... And if  you're a $100 per dime player on the 5's & 10's and you don't go $10,000 on a 100 "Dimer", well then it's your fault that you're down.. Get real!!!

We expect to profit between 3% - 5% of all monies put into action (volume) over the long haul. We can call (rate) our games anything we want as long as the system is in line with these principals. Following our methods means taking your entire bankroll into consideration when formulating your personal plan.

Our Rating System Is As REAL As It Gets!!!
we expose EVERY SINGLE PLAY Released To ALL Clients... Win or Lose!! We're up over 25 Units this year and that's adhering to our 1-2 Unit rating system and recommending  a 1% bankroll risk per unit...

Win Big... Lose small
If it were a perfect world, our overall yearly profits would be equally spread out over 52 weeks and everyone would make a modest profit EVERY week instead of going on big runs where we win more than we should for long periods followed up by several moderate losing weeks in a row.

Understanding The Swings
When playing on a daily basis, there are going to be times when we're winning more than we should be and times when we're losing more than we should be. This type of fluctuation is 100% expected along the way to our winning bottom line. Remember, we're putting between 40 - 60 units per week in action and with that amount of volume, there are going to be swings.

We can't control when the good runs are coming or when to expect the bad runs. We just keep putting our money in action with what we believe to be the best of it and the laws of averages work themselves out in the end. As long as we have an edge in each play we release, we can't help but to show profits in the end.